Celebrating Our 45 th Year


Welcome to French Kings Antiques Inc. This is dedicated to a unique group of people: The 19th century french furniture and object d'arts collectors. This period of french furniture making brought an unparallel crafrmanship and design inovations often surpassing in quallity pieces made in 18th century, which they were supposed to emulate.

Parisians furniture makers like: beurdeley, dasson, durand, grohe, krieger, linke, millet sormani, zwiener and many others created true masterpirces. This field was for a long time neglected by the specialists in french decorative arts, but lately interest in this area of collecting, thanks to recent publication of christopher payne book "Francois linke 1855-1946 The Belle Epoque of French Furniture" has enjoyed great successes.

Collecting 19th century french furniture can bring not only many years of enjoyment of being surrounded by beautiful things in your daily life but also represent solid investments opportunities. The prices realised in the most recent auctions shows very strong demand for high quallity items.

We started our family business in 1974 and have acquired our knowledge and expertize in Paris, France. We moved to Los Angeles, California in 1979, since then we became the expert in this field.

All our items are authentic and of the highest quality and represent the period very well.

We will be happy to promptly answer all inquires. All items are avaulable for personal inspection. Feel free to make an appointment in the Los Angeles store.

we know and hope that we can assist you finding any piece you wish for. This website represent a portion of the items that we have in our inventory. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any possible questions you should have.